About ARClark

About Clark
Photo – LexiXD Photography

 Welcome. My name is Angela and I’ll be your provider of images and clever headlines. Allow me to offer to you some background info:

Professionally, I have designed layouts, brochures, maps and magazines and consider myself proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Quark (command+option+shift+k), with some intermediate skills in Dreamweaver, html/css and basic Flash animations.
Artistically, I have painted murals, sawblades, canvas, cardboard and hodags among others. I can’t go for too long without arting something without feeling like I’ve been slacking at life.
In the realm of customer service, I am AWESOME at giving people food. Like ridiculously. My successful delivery to drop ratio is roughly 1000 to 1. Also, due to 9 years in the restaurant business I can handle stress well. Want to yell at me about something that is not my fault? I am willing to let you vent while remaining unaffected by loud noises. Often my timing will then allow for a hilarious life quip to help you move past the rage.
Personally I know more quotes from movies and tv shows than I care to admit. I love the sciences, from the inner workings of the brain to the diversity of nature to the realms of outer space. The methodology put forth through science is so similar to art in the amount of curious observation and testing that takes place. I also tend make up weird stories in my head about the world around me when I am not distracted by something amazing that the sun is doing or the way a little bug is carrying something to big for him.

Other than that I’m just your average Hodager. Just recently I graduated from UWEC. All the while, Boyfriend and our fat cat are holding steady by my side.

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