Unemployment and Art Tables


I’ll spare you the closeup picture of myself  (for now) and how wicked-awesome cute I was as a child. In exchange, I’ll post my set up of my painting/drawing table. I always like to be nosy and so too shall you.

This table is super handy  and has all sorts of little orifices for me to put pencils and erasers and exacto knives into. Normal crafty people would make jean pocket holders or something. Not this guy. Basically it’s shockingly the same set up as anyone else who paints – brushes, brush cleaner, paper towel, things to put paint on to and clean paint off of brushes with (aka dihydrogen monoxide). I recently learned the ancient practice of covering my acrylic paint so it doesn’t dry if I leave it alone for a bit. Off to the right is my massive pile of paper and canvases and reference material that I have accumulated. Also, a lightbulb that is not meant for painting. I need a true-light or whatever they call good lighting. That about sums it up.

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