Toxic Pixel Doodle Dump

turkey cow
My crowning achievement – “Kitten’s First Thanksgiving” (the first doodle). Get it? Because kittens feet don’t look like turkeys! They don’t even really have a “head” finger, so when I make this my multi-million dollar concept the turkey is just going to be full blob. And then we have a cow. They intermingled so I had to leave them as one drawing. The cow is not amused by “Kitten’s First Thanksgiving”. He is also bitter about being part of such a tasty species.

leaf guyturtle fig
I was inspired by P@ Perry to put a leaf in the gentleman’s hat, and to use a pen. That is where the similarities end because dude knows how to rock some art. I can only imagine the expression on leaf-hat guy’s face is because he went to the website and watched one of the time-lapse drawings. I think the next doodle might be slightly retarded lizard. His back foot, upon inspection, looks a bit too phallic. I can’t help that he only has 2 toes! Your problem now, not mine! I’m free!

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