Grizzly Adams.

Grizzly Adams

It may come as a shock, but I did not illustrate this. I did, however, remember how amazing my vague memories of the show Grizzly Adams are, and how freakishly awesome, massive and badass bears are. Seriously. I feel like all the cool kids these days are celebrating 4-20 and Halloween and whatever. What they should be commemorating is the birthday of the original Grizzly Adams,  10-20-1807. The all knowing book of Wikepedia states, “although never fatal, by the fourth time the General severely injured James Adams’ head, it left his brain exposed.” Bad.Ass.Old.Man. Don’t forget to check out contemporary bear whisperer, Steve Searles, if this piques your interest.

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  1. Ian says:

    Honestly the most badass gentleman to ever lived. I can’t help but feel that something has that bear really surprised/scared. But not Grizzly. Stone cold awesome. Almost like, its ok Mr. Bear. I got this.

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