The uncertainty of the incomplete plagues me.

The Producers BrightThe Producers Dark

Indecision. Eventually I’ll start being more positive, but right now I’m caught in a circle of distraction. The idea is to create a poster for the musical, The Producers, but I can’t decide what are the most important aspects of the play. Not-so-ideally, I boiled it down to a fancy lady, a ‘Springtime for Hitler’ performer, and the businessmen. Check. Then comes the composition/color portion of the evening. While the first image has better detail close-up, the second one is blessed with a more interesting perspective. Lastly, I still need to figure out the perfect blend of typography. Typography is a fickle beast because it really needs to read well from close up and far away.


Finalized version. In hindsight, this was probably the weaker of the projects. The font choice and composition didn’t get quite the finesse they deserved. My favorite part is the subtle texture in the sky and grass. It’s probably one of the few places I took a chance.

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