mandolin cardboard style

This is what a mandolin made entirely out of cardboard (and if you cheat you add toothpicks for frets and hemp for strings) looks like. It’s probably going to be the highlight of this semester. However, we are only halfway through!

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2 Responses to “Mandolintastic”

  1. Ian says:

    I NEEDS!!!1!!1!!!!

    This is freaking sweet! How long did it take?

    • Angela says:

      Everything is available for a price /evil laughter

      Uhm, I think altogether like… 10-15 hours. I know it was at least 3 three hour class periods plus whatever extra hour or two I added.

      Always a fun project to consider with the little one!
      The secret : Tearing the back off of one side of corrugated cardboard lends flexibility to the entire sheet. Then paper mache that mother!

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