From Our Perspective. 2012 BFA Show – My Perspective!

Front Half
From the beginning…

Back Half

To the end.

Balance and Calculation

Logo Branding Arclark

A little bit of honesty – “Hidden Failure”

Booklet Shapeshifters and Imitators
Final product. The other 5 pictures on the wall are the original images in this booklet.

And also, my artist statement if anyone is interesting in having a read:

Mockery of Self-Confidence

In this series, I have brought together my personal guidelines for success, relevant in the business of art and in the larger scheme of life. The first phase of triumph over the adversarial blank canvas begins with a construction of guidelines, backed by and teeming with hours of Balance+Calculation that will stand as a flexible framework for images further down the line. Ultimately, this is more of a conceptual time.

Branding+Identity. With great ideas come great responsibilities. One of those responsibilities, according to most major brands, is investing in a visible, recognizable persona. The logo created is not just a façade, it is a way of life.  ARClark® results in a final product guaranteed to live up to rigorous standards that can only enhance with time and experience.

Failure is unavoidable, necessary and essential. The upside to failure is that the traces of mistakes are meticulously siphoned off from the end product by way of learning and molding oversights and half-slow or half-fast efforts into something successful.

Execution is the only outcome that is really observed in the end, and only for a moment. It is a small victory when some project goes according to plan. In this case, my final series has come together in five images and a booklet that explores only a fraction of the diversity of nature. And even with this small victory, it is only a matter of time before the cycle repeats.

Angela R. Clark

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