Capital Idea.

capital punishment
I can not say that I agree with ending another person’s life but I was assigned pro capital punishment as my political agenda for a life drawing and sometimes you just have to go with it. The best argument that I could accept is that people committing crimes heinous enough to be in line for capital punishment are deemed “monsters” and should be contained and subdued. The second argument for capital punishment is that as a society, lethal injection (in this case, a three part system of Pentobarbital, Pancuronium bromide and Potassium chloride if anyone is curios about the top third of the painting) seems to have advanced the applications of  humane death. It sure beats out boiling alive, stoning, flaying and beheading, to name a few. Granted, I’m sure there are still harsh and brutal death penalties, but compared to the alternatives, lethal injection seems tame. The whole life-ending process boils down to a medicinal and sterile setting that is easier to cope with for those not seeking revenge.

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