Blarg Face

Sometimes “Happy Accidents” do not evolve successfully.

Demon Face
Some original sketch showing through the preliminary digital coloring…

Elapsed time…
demon face
aaannndd…  it’s like I don’t understand how to be subtle when it comes to shading. All the atmosphere that previously existed before I started getting focused on the lines/contours/crevasses disappeared. At some point everyone finds the perfect balance between traditional drawing/painting and digital drawing, right? I find myself wanting a digital brush that drips like water/turpentine soaked paint? Is that a thing?

And on that note:
To my credit – at least I got rid of the undersized skeletal body with the gold armor and loin cloth that did not make sense. You are welcome, me.

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  1. He look... Like a man. says:

    Hahahah .gif pictures are fun.

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