March 27th, 2011

I’m in the Business of Giving you the Business.

Vroom repeat vroom

So I’m kind of digging the gifs that I see lately that are just really subtle movements. I wanted to try out my hand at that via cloud movement. Granted, it didn’t work the best, but I can see doing a lot more of this kind of file enhancement in the future.

February 26th, 2011


epic zelda

So, someday I hope to be this awesome at my craft. Until then, enjoy someone that knows what they are doing. 15 minute video of the process included. Swoon!

Link Link. Bah ha ha ha ha!

August 20th, 2010

Unemployment and Art Tables


I’ll spare you the closeup picture of myself  (for now) and how wicked-awesome cute I was as a child. In exchange, I’ll post my set up of my painting/drawing table. I always like to be nosy and so too shall you.

This table is super handy  and has all sorts of little orifices for me to put pencils and erasers and exacto knives into. Normal crafty people would make jean pocket holders or something. Not this guy. Basically it’s shockingly the same set up as anyone else who paints – brushes, brush cleaner, paper towel, things to put paint on to and clean paint off of brushes with (aka dihydrogen monoxide). I recently learned the ancient practice of covering my acrylic paint so it doesn’t dry if I leave it alone for a bit. Off to the right is my massive pile of paper and canvases and reference material that I have accumulated. Also, a lightbulb that is not meant for painting. I need a true-light or whatever they call good lighting. That about sums it up.

August 18th, 2010

Top 5 Artsy Fartsy Moving Pictures

Sooo… I don’t have a lot to offer other than bad doodles. However, today is the day 5 artsy entertaining moving pictures make headlines!

#1 Local Color

A young lad and an old dude go out into the country to paint. Not only are there a few scenes of actual painting, but an art critic gets owned by kids with downs.

#2 Pollock

Drunky McArty and paint flailing.

#3 Art & Copy

A neat look into the advertising world. Significantly more interesting to watch than a bunch of painters talking about why whatever they do is important blah blah blah feelings.

#4 Mad Men

1950’s ad executives getting their drunk on.

#5 Bob Ross Joy of Painting

Obvious favorite ingrained in my childhood memories. Happy trees! Semi-painting skills! Fro-Love!

July 19th, 2010

Biker’s Paradise

Sawblade Tilted

Yar she be… 95 percent completion after an unmonitored amount of hours. Four feet of pure delicious saw blade covered in layers of acrylic and frustration.  I just need to get replacement photos during the day. Better light, right?  Until then, High Pass will suffice!

Campers Angle

Campfire time!

Get Your Motor Running

Head out on the dirt road!

July 17th, 2010

A Most Excellent Showcase

I fell upon Marco Bucci’s blog the other day while not working and it has a lot of really informational videos for digital or traditional painters. Very awesomely direct and personable. Excellent style, lighting and use of color all around. Check it out! (linkity link link!!!one!)

This is my favorite… not so traditional subject from his work.

Monster Rehab - Marco Bucci

Monster Rehab - Marco Bucci

June 29th, 2010

2010 Hodag

SketchPreliminary sketch of “Pioneering Hodag Frontier.”

Start to FinishHe wears a brave face from start to finish. 5′ tall by 7′ long, coated mostly in outdoor acrylic house paint with a hint of a clear sealant on top.

Hodag 10 HoursAfter 10 hours, most of the body is painted and images are blocked in. The spikes are done after the darkest green color on the body is on and dry. The 3 and 2 inch brush start to fade away in favor for something smaller.

Hodag 15 HoursMore detail work, the figures become more confidently shaped in. Hopefully everything is where it is supposed to be at this point. The bridge is redone for the second time. Many guesstimating angle checks are performed.

Hodag Final - 20 HoursWork continues more on the city side. The horses are redone a few times. Involved detail on the downtown main street area progresses. Highlights and dark areas are intensified. Also, a color wash over the 4 main scenes intensifies the grays. Ideally, another 10 hours would have been nice but there’s nothing that says I can’t vandalize my own artwork, right?

June 28th, 2010

Tools of the Trade

Not an particularly groundbreaking post but this sums up my particular art supplies and experiences.

Paint Tools

Acrylic paint is easier to clean than oils and paints like a watercolor or an oil depending on the amount of water or additives. There isn’t much time to blend but that’s what layers and foresight are for. The watercolor brushes I use with acrylics might be screaming in agony but they get they hold more paint! When painting on metal, I’ll throw down a layer of Rustoleum and carry on normally. Someday I’ll find out that that was the worst possible way to go.
• I use watercolors as loose shading or a background in combination with a drawing because I am not patient or learned enough to be detailed with watercolors on a regular basis.

Drawing Tools

Mechanical pencils will always hold a special place in my heart because I don’t have to sharpen them and they already have an eraser attached. Someday I’ll appreciate the value of graded pencils and a kneaded eraser. Today is not that day.
Charcoal or pastels are great for capturing the big picture rather than details, good for quick drawings or expressive moods. Plus they are a little messy which is the perfect condition for happy accidents.
Colored pencils are like painting with a brush that takes up more time and effort. However, the results of colored pencils on dark paper are usually impressive. They work great in combination with pastels and watercolor.

Digital Tools

• Ctrl+z is the biggest perk of digital art. Forgetting to save is the biggest downfall. With all the brushes and settings and tweaks it reaches a skill level that is just as detailed as traditional art. The tablet is our friend in all it’s pressure sensitive glory.
• My flash drive also gives me peace of mind in knowing that if/when my computer does crash (hang in there) I should at least have a few files left over!

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