August 26th, 2010

Our Tree Time is at 4:00


Today I thought I’d dabble with a landscape. Trees are fun because you get to pretend you are having some sort of muscle twitch and just scribble the paintbrush around for organic root and limb shapes.

August 25th, 2010

Retard Bullshit


Today’s title honors the category under which this pic was favorited in the first 6 seconds of putting it on deviantart. But hey, no publicity is bad publicity. Not much to say, I think it’s pretty self explanatory. Enjoy!


August 21st, 2010

Awesome in Progress


While working up to a debilitating depression from lack of job/movement I’ve been finessing a family picture to keep myself sane. Nothing fancy. Trying to work with being looser and adding more color. You wouldn’t be able to tell it from the only-greeness of the grass, but I mixed in some “compliments” as the kids are saying these days. At this point, some things are going well, some not so much but with enough tweaking and morphing I’ll be happy. (I’m retarded cute as a kid).

August 16th, 2010

To All my Adoring Spammers —


An attempt at an Illustrator tracing, if you will. I’m not going to be stealing anyone’s job in this market for a while. Not only are there too many layers to keep track of after a while, but I think I’m required to have patience and a better grasp of Illustrator and the many path-finding/transform functions that are lost on me. Started to get pretty lazy after realizing I should have put more forethought into this effort. Sorry, Chubs! You illiterate cat bastard.

August 14th, 2010

Hungry Like Me*


Yellow and brown. Wolfy and looser than usual. Wolves. On an slightly related note, I hate my fat cat Chubs who does nothing but get in front of my monitor when I am typing. The only thing you are starving for is attention.

*”Hungry like me” is stolen from a friend, Flavio, and if he ever gets a website this is where I’ll give him credit.

August 12th, 2010

It was Better than Predator.

Step One : Make a Mess.


Somehow I came to chose the second image because all the rest of them looked like prancing kittens to me. The first one kind of looked like a guy with a whip or something, but faces are greater than poses when you are bad at anatomy.

Step Two :  Make Something Out of It.


From step one to two, there you have it! Uncropped and untamed!
Anecdotaly, I have yet to see the new Predator movie but I hear it’s terrible and any terrible movie you watch thereafter is not as bad as Predator at least! I have heard that phrase 20 times in the past week. These kinds of things leak in to the psyche.

August 11th, 2010

Bird Wanderer… Er

bird wanderer

Next time I have to take a picture of the background before I start to add detail. The last two posts have started out with nothing in mind, Rorschach style. Just started playing with color (today was red, ugly yellow and green) to see what shapes and values had potential. Same process as staring at clouds and finding nouns.

August 10th, 2010

An Acrylic Romp


Still in the process of figuring out how to create a bad-ass demonic vibe. This just turned out to be making the skull look more correct than terrible. A fun diversion with acrylics and a teeny canvas. Slowly but surely I’ll be blowing your mind. Only about 9000 more hours to go and I figure I’ll be a genius! Fame-dom here I come!

August 8th, 2010



Each time I “finish” an image, I get too impatient to put actual critical, thoughtful touches in. Maybe some well-placed text, a better framing involving something that’s not a square, and a better color choice could have been considerations. Maybe even a crater background. But you know what? I need to get down and dirty with Zelda and felt rushed.

August 6th, 2010

Grunt Gunderson

Round one of Grunt Gunderson, the no-nonsense something janitor from Your City, Your State. Takes names and sweeps floors with vigor. I don’t know what he does. I’m just making this up because I don’t speak his native language and I had to get out of the room before he decided I was food.

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