March 23rd, 2013

Screaming Goats

screaming goat
A little quickie of my new hero (google ‘screaming goats’ before it turns into a sex thing and you will be happy you did). I am pretty sure he(she) had an eye poked out… if not, I make no apologies. It adds character.

February 21st, 2013

It’s not me, it’s you.

redo painting
So, I just got into a fight with my painting and erased his head. It was, in no way, working out between us. We’ll see what happens next time around.

February 14th, 2013

Hopeless Horn Bird

hopeless horn bird
This one started out on canvas – acrylic – small 9″ x 12″ canvas, but I needed to add more details and the canvas was too rough for me to dig into. I will either need to start playing around on a smoother paper or wood surface in the future, or continue to let Photoshop serve as a detail magnifier. As much as I sincerely love dirtying my hands and entire wardrobe with caustic paints, digital painting is wonderful because it lets me Dodge and Burn the image without impatiently muddying the entire painting. Ctrl+z is only valid for tactile paintings if the media is still wet or you don’t mind a little sandpaper. The only fault I can find with digital painting is that it doesn’t drip and randomly spread, but I am sure there is an action or a filter for that. And I always have sketches to fall back on for messing up my hands with graphite.
As far as the image is concerned, it is an attempt at something hopeless and static. Sometimes the winter gets to your brain like that. Manic happy is soon to follow.

February 8th, 2013


Exemplify Follow Up
Follow up! I am guessing the giants are a council of ancients. It’s looking a bit oceanic, so little man-dude is most likely bringing some sort of sea-related knowledge to the table, maybe a recipe or what he has learned throughout his life-passage.

February 2nd, 2013


rabbit hybrid highbrow
Keepin’ my hands busy on a little 8″ x 10″ panel.

January 18th, 2013

Serious Self Portrait

self portrait
Sorry boys, I’m taken!

December 16th, 2012


An image I hope to someday finish. It has been floating around for a while and since I am in the middle of a few things, it will be my placeholder for content. The desired end result with be ripe with foliage, clouds, and formations that resemble curious monsters in the middle to background. That’s the game plan, anyway.

November 8th, 2012

It’s not even Thanksgiving, yet!

christmas grettings
It’s November! Buy things! In Merrill at Church Mutual on Saturday, November 8th, 8-2ish if you live nearby! Or at my proposed Big Cartel shop for Christmas 2013! Also, feel free to click the image for a slightly larger version if the text isn’t legible. Or just Ctrl+scroll, I guess. Your call. I’m only here to foster your desire for greeting cards.

October 26th, 2012

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Watercolor Mountain
Per the directive of fellow awesome human, Casey, I tried out something a little different with my renegade wanna-be acrylics. This was the result (at 24″x18″). Enjoy.

October 21st, 2012

Evening Fireskull

Evening Fireskull
I think it is fair to say that I enjoy organic lines. I played up a mock cd cover in Photoshop and decided to do all the line work in there instead of drawing and then scanning in. The tricky part was figuring out an appropriate brush size for details.

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