November 2nd, 2010

Old Man in a Little Coat – 5 Useful Tips.

Since  a few people have been searching for “how to draw an old man” let me expand. Sorry this is words and not images.

1. This was a quick sketch that  drew heavily off of inspiration and stock photos. The inspiration was American Movie, and Uncle Bill captured my heart. In no way is this drawing a representation of him but it kick started my brain into old-man mode. Just a quiet, contemplative, death-and-meds kind of introspection, followed, of course, by incoherent rambling (which I will excel at as an old man). The important part is that there is a feeling behind it. Try to think about why you want to draw what you are drawing. The mentors tell me art is based on feelings, anyway.

2. Drawing old men is amazing because wrinkles brings you into a landscape-type scenario and landscapes are a special kind of controlled chaos. You can experiment with the mark making you want as long as it follows the basic sort of skull shape that makes a human face.

3. Learn how to draw a skull / take a life drawing class / draw from observation a lot. Nothing beats cold hard repetition.

4. That being said, some of these references help me out in a life-drawing pinch. < Good for different angles and stances. The body moves around easily. < Faces of all sorts grace the pages of this publication. This was probably my first source of reference for copying the human face.
Look into proportions of the human skull and human anatomy. Generic is better than no basis of reference.

5. My favorite tip: Flip your drawing a quarter of the way through, either in a mirror or Photoshop. You really get a sense of whether or not a certain angle or shape is laid in correctly.

October 30th, 2010



This guy has it. Really, really hate the sinus passages. I just wanted to figure out where they were in my face. I figured out there are 4 main ones (frontal, maxillary, sphenoid, and ethmoid sinuses) that come up on googlesearch (how scholarly, I know). This is the realized version of a perfect world where I have easy access to scoop out the goo that is in them.

October 24th, 2010

Manic Attack

Mammoth Sea Deer

Spazzy night full of too much energy. This lil guy creeped into my head on Wednesday of this week and decided he was better suited to 1000 px rather than 1 inch of space. So needy. Theoretically I’d like to make it look more refined, give it a background for a change. Realistically, it’s going to be another half finished idea. (Tangent – I don’t do things slow, I do them half-fast. BA ZING! Grandpa-gem.)

Also, since I’m full of energy I need to leave a note for myself to consider a series of mammoths or other bad-ass extinct animals as a series of paintings.  As to what the above critter is? He’s supposed to be what appears to be a mix of moose, fish (you can’t tell it’s a tail because it looks like fur right now) and buffalo, really a Mooffalish.

Which reminds me of another idea. I need to find/create/realize  a level of art  for historians to be baffled by. Would that defeat the purpose of art? I guess it is supposed to communicate something. It would have to be some level right above surrealism where it looks real but is just indescribable. Maybe a description would go something like ‘…’ or ‘/shrug’ or ‘beats me’ would suffice. That’s probably out there already, but I want to do it better.

October 23rd, 2010

Hmm. Yes. Quite.

quite right

Another doodle inspired by Art History. I always feel like I should have a monocle and a mustache upon arrival. Which is also quite similar to the one episode of Family Guy where people becomes sophisticated. Yea. I have no place being in a scholarly class.

October 17th, 2010

Back to School Doodles!

Done with most midterms and I didn’t fail anything yet so it’s time to post something! These three doodles come specifically from Art History because idle hands are my notebooks playground.

Starfish: Just like you and me!

damn kids
Roman Portraiture: I’m not the only one that values the importance of old men.

good kitteh
Kittehs: Not easily impressed.

September 17th, 2010

Preemptive Halloween Bidness


A little bit off balance with the white, but I only care about composition after I’m done and don’t want to do anything to it anymore. You know this ghost thinks he’s pretty bad-ass, but he needs to be more honest with himself. For real. No one is scared, ghosty. Better find some kids cereal to pose for right quick.

September 16th, 2010

Toxic Pixel Doodle Dump

turkey cow
My crowning achievement – “Kitten’s First Thanksgiving” (the first doodle). Get it? Because kittens feet don’t look like turkeys! They don’t even really have a “head” finger, so when I make this my multi-million dollar concept the turkey is just going to be full blob. And then we have a cow. They intermingled so I had to leave them as one drawing. The cow is not amused by “Kitten’s First Thanksgiving”. He is also bitter about being part of such a tasty species.

leaf guyturtle fig
I was inspired by P@ Perry to put a leaf in the gentleman’s hat, and to use a pen. That is where the similarities end because dude knows how to rock some art. I can only imagine the expression on leaf-hat guy’s face is because he went to the website and watched one of the time-lapse drawings. I think the next doodle might be slightly retarded lizard. His back foot, upon inspection, looks a bit too phallic. I can’t help that he only has 2 toes! Your problem now, not mine! I’m free!

September 2nd, 2010

An Oily Adventure

oil tree

Today (but really yesterday) I emBARKed (haha!) on a journey in oils. I’ve used them a few times so far, but really just a fantastic way to go. They don’t dry up nearly as fast as acrylics and they actually blend! Oh do they blend.  Obvious observations from a  pleasant experience. Like most of my projects this one is only half way done at best. The amount of details that I should be putting in are many. The amount of time that I will continue to put in is hard to say.

September 1st, 2010

Hook, Line and Sinker


Get it? Because I think of my target audience as vulnerable prey. The only problem is I have no target audience because I have no hook. No niche. My goal  through these next two to three years of school is to have some sort of style or gimmick to offer the unsuspecting public. Yes. YES! Commence the tenting of the fingers!

August 27th, 2010

Bipedal Flamingo is Intrigued


A full canvas of pink can only mean one thing! FLAMINGO ATTACK!

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