October 31st, 2012

Multiface – Come at Me, Brah.

An unusual creature possessing several distinct faces and four independently-working, bioluminescent filaments growing from the head.  The creature has no mouth so it is assumed all communication is visual or telepathic.

September 19th, 2012

Exaggerated Portraiture

tom waits
Musician Tom Waits.

William S Burroughs
Writer William S. Burroughs.

A little homage to a few favorites. If I were a smart person, I would consider regularly doing portraits of people that inspire me to keep myself busy (hint to self).

August 27th, 2012

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

jiro dreams of sushi
Another motivational, inspirational movie. Excellence has everything to do with passion, dedication and repetition and this sushi master brings it.  Jiro Dreams of Sushi at IMDB

March 17th, 2012

Life Is.

old man eyes detailish
Warmth in the eyes, contrasted against a cold, hard world. Maybe a little life, a little death, a little introspection.

August 16th, 2011

Grandpa and Pup.

grandpa pup

Portrait for a friend of a friend.

November 2nd, 2010

Old Man in a Little Coat – 5 Useful Tips.

Since  a few people have been searching for “how to draw an old man” let me expand. Sorry this is words and not images.

1. This was a quick sketch that  drew heavily off of inspiration and stock photos. The inspiration was American Movie, and Uncle Bill captured my heart. In no way is this drawing a representation of him but it kick started my brain into old-man mode. Just a quiet, contemplative, death-and-meds kind of introspection, followed, of course, by incoherent rambling (which I will excel at as an old man). The important part is that there is a feeling behind it. Try to think about why you want to draw what you are drawing. The mentors tell me art is based on feelings, anyway.

2. Drawing old men is amazing because wrinkles brings you into a landscape-type scenario and landscapes are a special kind of controlled chaos. You can experiment with the mark making you want as long as it follows the basic sort of skull shape that makes a human face.

3. Learn how to draw a skull / take a life drawing class / draw from observation a lot. Nothing beats cold hard repetition.

4. That being said, some of these references help me out in a life-drawing pinch.
http://www.posemaniacs.com/ < Good for different angles and stances. The body moves around easily.
http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ < Faces of all sorts grace the pages of this publication. This was probably my first source of reference for copying the human face.
Look into proportions of the human skull and human anatomy. Generic is better than no basis of reference.

5. My favorite tip: Flip your drawing a quarter of the way through, either in a mirror or Photoshop. You really get a sense of whether or not a certain angle or shape is laid in correctly.

October 27th, 2010

Grizzly Adams.

Grizzly Adams

It may come as a shock, but I did not illustrate this. I did, however, remember how amazing my vague memories of the show Grizzly Adams are, and how freakishly awesome, massive and badass bears are. Seriously. I feel like all the cool kids these days are celebrating 4-20 and Halloween and whatever. What they should be commemorating is the birthday of the original Grizzly Adams,  10-20-1807. The all knowing book of Wikepedia states, “although never fatal, by the fourth time the General severely injured James Adams’ head, it left his brain exposed.” Bad.Ass.Old.Man. Don’t forget to check out contemporary bear whisperer, Steve Searles, if this piques your interest.

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October 17th, 2010

Back to School Doodles!

Done with most midterms and I didn’t fail anything yet so it’s time to post something! These three doodles come specifically from Art History because idle hands are my notebooks playground.

Starfish: Just like you and me!

damn kids
Roman Portraiture: I’m not the only one that values the importance of old men.

good kitteh
Kittehs: Not easily impressed.

September 5th, 2010

New Discovery

“The writer has no right to be there in the work. I don’t have any right to impose myself between the people I’m creating on the page and the reader… and that, the responsibility of the artist is to transcend the human ego.” – Hubert Selby Jr.

hubert selby jr

New favorite old man. Hubert Selby Jr. wrote Requiem for a Dream, Last Exit to Brooklyn, invented caps lock and is generally bad ass among other attributes. The documentary is worth a watch if you feel like inspiration. I’m glad to have watched it. Especially in his explanation of why apostrophes are lame. Probably also because of his turmoil-laden spiritual realizations. Ignore the last part thought, I don’t want people to think I like anything other than penis jokes.

July 9th, 2010

Gravity Does Make Characters of us All


Aging is a topic I don’t want to think about for a while. As great as the memories or whatever will be, my body is going to go to hell and my mind along with it. However it is good times to doodle a deteriorating organic meat pile based on the character and history associated with it. This guy must have been a waiter based on the fake smile that he can’t seem to get rid of. Ever.

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