2010 Hodag

SketchPreliminary sketch of “Pioneering Hodag Frontier.”

Start to FinishHe wears a brave face from start to finish. 5′ tall by 7′ long, coated mostly in outdoor acrylic house paint with a hint of a clear sealant on top.

Hodag 10 HoursAfter 10 hours, most of the body is painted and images are blocked in. The spikes are done after the darkest green color on the body is on and dry. The 3 and 2 inch brush start to fade away in favor for something smaller.

Hodag 15 HoursMore detail work, the figures become more confidently shaped in. Hopefully everything is where it is supposed to be at this point. The bridge is redone for the second time. Many guesstimating angle checks are performed.

Hodag Final - 20 HoursWork continues more on the city side. The horses are redone a few times. Involved detail on the downtown main street area progresses. Highlights and dark areas are intensified. Also, a color wash over the 4 main scenes intensifies the grays. Ideally, another 10 hours would have been nice but there’s nothing that says I can’t vandalize my own artwork, right?

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