Manic Attack

Mammoth Sea Deer

Spazzy night full of too much energy. This lil guy creeped into my head on Wednesday of this week and decided he was better suited to 1000 px rather than 1 inch of space. So needy. Theoretically I’d like to make it look more refined, give it a background for a change. Realistically, it’s going to be another half finished idea. (Tangent – I don’t do things slow, I do them half-fast. BA ZING! Grandpa-gem.)

Also, since I’m full of energy I need to leave a note for myself to consider a series of mammoths or other bad-ass extinct animals as a series of paintings.  As to what the above critter is? He’s supposed to be what appears to be a mix of moose, fish (you can’t tell it’s a tail because it looks like fur right now) and buffalo, really a Mooffalish.

Which reminds me of another idea. I need to find/create/realize  a level of art  for historians to be baffled by. Would that defeat the purpose of art? I guess it is supposed to communicate something. It would have to be some level right above surrealism where it looks real but is just indescribable. Maybe a description would go something like ‘…’ or ‘/shrug’ or ‘beats me’ would suffice. That’s probably out there already, but I want to do it better.

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