Childhood Genius Articulated Astonishingly


Yea, I am full of myself sometimes. Hopefully no one came to this post expecting me to talk about the band Prodigy. This will only disappoint. Instead, we have a depiction of some video game I used to play circa second grade (ish). One of two fantastic pictures in the 80 page search that wasn’t undecipherable or “normy” as us genius types call the learning stage that average people just can’t seem to break through. I just wanted everyone to know how early my earth shattering skills started to develop on this Thanksgiving Day of Nostalgia (hopefully said in a loud booming voice). BEHOLD MY POWERS.

Also, I just found an image that I believe is the game I am exactly talking about… with a small amount of questioning. © The Strong.

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2 Responses to “Childhood Genius Articulated Astonishingly”

  1. Ian says:

    I am surprised the victim is so content. Just kind of like, “Yeah, OK. You can gnaw on my neck.”

  2. Angela says:

    LoL. I didn’t even notice that expression on it’s face. Awesome.

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