Tools for Murals

mural tools
All the painting tools required for a professional job:

1. Ladder – Especially when you are 5’1″ a ladder comes in handy.

2. Carrying Device – Anything portable works, but I have found these little crates let me see what I am digging for. I just have to remember to throw an old rag in the bottom of it so paint dribbles don’t have the chance to escape.

3. Water – I use water soluble paints so this is a must-have for mixing and cleaning. The big jug (previously iced tea) is good for cleaning and the water bottle is better for mixing small amounts of aqua into the paint.

4. Drop Cloth – Don’t pretend like you aren’t messy.

5. Brushes – Depends on the size of the mural, but I have 4″ – 1″ brushes and a grab-bag of smaller sizes for details.

6. Mixing Bowls – The several-dollar, partitioned serving tray turned out to be an ideal mixing surface. I put water in the middle and cooler, darker colors on one side and warmer, brighter colors on the other. Otherwise plastic bowls or used food containers work for larger quantities. It’s ok to be cheap here.

7. Paint. – These are household interior acrylic latex paints. Semi-gloss. It seems to be able to stand up to a little wear and tear. Gloss seems a little too shiny for me, and matte is too dull. I get 5 or 6 basic colors usually. Last time I got purple, green, red, yellow, white, blue and brown. They were just picked from the paint chips at the store. It is also important to prime first and seal as a last step if necessary.

Other extras include painters tape for taping off edges. Music is something to consider bringing. Also useful is an extension cord and fan.

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