Top 5 Artsy Fartsy Moving Pictures

Sooo… I don’t have a lot to offer other than bad doodles. However, today is the day 5 artsy entertaining moving pictures make headlines!

#1 Local Color

A young lad and an old dude go out into the country to paint. Not only are there a few scenes of actual painting, but an art critic gets owned by kids with downs.

#2 Pollock

Drunky McArty and paint flailing.

#3 Art & Copy

A neat look into the advertising world. Significantly more interesting to watch than a bunch of painters talking about why whatever they do is important blah blah blah feelings.

#4 Mad Men

1950’s ad executives getting their drunk on.

#5 Bob Ross Joy of Painting

Obvious favorite ingrained in my childhood memories. Happy trees! Semi-painting skills! Fro-Love!

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