July 30th, 2017

Chalkfest 2017 – Eau Claire, WI

First, I haven’t posted anything for a while, but I am still creating! It’s harder and harder to find time to sit down at the computer and type anything up. Smartphones are too convenient. If anyone is looking for more current content, I’ve been posting semi-regularly on my Instagram @arclarkart.

Second, I am thankful that Volume One & UW-Eau Claire continue to put together an amazing event for local artists and community to join together and create and view sidewalk art for the day!

Let me tell you a little about our time at Chalkfest.
Saturday, July 29, 2017. In the beginning, there are composition sketches.
It’s easiest to work through sketches in the same room as your partner, but Kim and I had to send concepts and sketches through the ol’ text-machine since we are no longer in the same city. As an adult, it becomes a logistical nightmare to get two people in the same room at the same time and digital communication was our friend. End result of combined sketches, brainstorming and Photoshop Magic below:

The munchkins, posing in front of their Minecraft square, are the same talented models that helped us with reference material:

Mid-Process #1 with myself; smudging some shadows on to the “pages”:

Mid-Process #2 with Kim; time to let everyone know what number we are:

Dirty chalkwater and paintbrushes. I love using water to start blocking out and painting in big blocks of color. Less of the sidewalk shows through if you can saturate the area with chalk+water (Kim is more of a blend-until-your-skin-is-in-the-cement.) Both methods produce similar results, but I think the brush is quicker.

Mid-Process #3 with some eyes still missing. Shadows and highlights are still a work-in-progress at this point. We worked very quickly in the morning as the threat of sun started to get more and more real. Due to the fast pace, there wasn’t time for much process documentation.

Finished square! Kids, Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep.

Audience Choice Award!!! <3<3<3 Thank you from #113!

February 3rd, 2014

::Tutorial:: Display Wall

Tools Materials Tutorial
Tools & Materials Needed:
::6:: 1″x2″ 6′ Boards/Planks (~$17)
::12:: 1″x2″ x 1.5′ Boards/Planks (I got 6 3′ boards and just cut them in half so I had an excuse to use the jigsaw) (~$10)
::60:: 1-1/2″ Wood Screws (I would get shorter ones for the hinges so they don’t poke through for next time) (~$8)
::4:: Hinges (~$7)
::1:: 9’x12′ Drop Cloth (some kind of heavier material) (~$18)
Screwdriver/Power Drill, Pliers, Measuring Tape, Hammer, Stapler, Scissors (Level & T-bar were not used but would have been useful)
Drapery Hooks for securing art to the finshed panel (with binder clips or paper clips)(~$3)
I didn’t have to purchase any of the tools as they were already in my possession. The boards, screws, hinges, drop cloth and hooks ended up totaling about $60 – a fraction of the cost of ordering art display walls/panels.

Crossbars Planks
::6:: 3′ planks cut into ::12:: 1-1/2′ planks with brute force.

::3:: 6’x1-1/2′ frames created from the planks.  The 2 shorter bars going across in the middle just help make the frame more stable. The big push toward making my own panels versus buying them pre-made was expense and customization. Doing it myself was cheap and I could figure out what size best fit my needs.

Dropcloth Scissors
Drop cloth is cut to the size of the frames, plus an inch or two on all sides? With the amount I had, I was able to double the material over for each panel. I eyeballed the overhang based on what would wrap around to the back of the frame comfortably. Enough material to grab on to with the pliers but not enough to have to trim again.

Pliers Stretching Canvas

I basically borrowed from canvas wrapping. There are many ways to wrap, the method I used was starting to staple from the middle and just rotating around until I get dizzy and the drop cloth is tight (numbers on the left image denote a makeshift stapling pattern.). The pliers were a good lever for gripping the material enough to pull it tight against the frame for stapling. As for folding the corners, I am not descriptive enough. A simple search for “How to fold canvas corners” should lead you in the right direction. I just use trial an error until the fabric is neat against the edge. Almost like wrapping presents.

Hinges added. One toward the top, one toward the bottom to connect the 3 panels in an accordion fashion.

Oop Screws
Yikes. Good thing no one is looking at it from the back. Don’t forget to pick the right size screw for the job.

Makeshift Propanels
Ermergerd, they stand up on their own! Victorious!

Drape Hook
Say what? Hang some art from it now? K!

January 7th, 2014

Polar Vortex

Capitalizing on winter by making this sweeeet Pinterest/Cold-inspired color palette. “Frigid Pink” as a band name/color swatch is my basis for this entire post with everything else following fortuitously as a second thought.

August 17th, 2013

A Brush with Death

paint brush paintbrush
I always like to poke around and see what other hu-mans have in their studios so I figured I could extend the same courtesy with my current brush set. (Click the image for a larger view if you are interested in seeing the number/size on the brush.)
photoshop brushes
If I am not painting in acrylic with those brushes,  I am using this brush set (Daarken Brushes Full Set) in Photoshop and tinkering with the settings – I like to set the minimum diameter for the first brush pretty low so the size varies with the pen pressure of the Wacom tablet I use.
wacom tablet
It’s a fairly simply tablet but it does the trick – I don’t think I would be nearly as efficient if I didn’t have the pen to hold on to when drawing digitally. Brushes.

August 4th, 2013

Chalkfest 2013 – The Squirrel II

We combined our initial sketches into Photoshop to play around with the idea. This is the game plan that resulted from tinkering.

Beginning Squirrel

Starting out the morning by mapping in the big chunks of color. Some people like to use grids, I think that is an extra, time-consuming step so I choose to avoid it. We eyeball in this house.

Squirrel Progress
A bit of time elapsed from the first picture to here. No time to dilly dally with cameras.

Adult group winner
Bragging rights! All thanks to my lovely partner Carrie Sood and not possible without the efforts of Volume One. For more pictures check out my facebook page. For more info about the event check out Volume One! Also, feel free to check out last year’s epic squirrel saga.

June 10th, 2013

Arts n Arts n Arts n Arts

open air festival
I have a solid excuse for not having any new arts this weekend. I had to part with some of them to make room for more at the Open Air Festival of the Arts with my booth buddy, Historic Maps, LLC. Next time I put on my seller hat, I have decided I will put more effort into labeling and building up a larger variety of images and perhaps sizes. It’s so hard to gauge what people will want, but then I suppose that’s what market research is for. I may also figure out how to use a smart phone so I can do fancy electronic monetary exchanges. Brilliantly, I managed to bring a cooler so I would stay hydrated. This little vixen is an anti-functioning human when not properly watered. Next big thing to start planning: Chalkfest 2013.  Until then I will be locked away, diabolically arting.

March 13th, 2013

Paint Graveyard

::Click for Larger Image::
Another experiment with my paint hording. Unlike the last attempt to use dried paint, this experiment is more open to interpretation. I am a firm believer in finding patterns and answers in chaos. These mini paint landsculptures are full of wandering epiphanies if you are prone to daydreaming, staring blankly, free-associating or brainstorming.

October 11th, 2012

What’s that? Oh, just a world of possibilities.

terror desk
Coming soon!

September 9th, 2012

Can Sanding Essentials

I grabbed a few different sanding attachments to chip away at these relatively good condition milk cans. The sander attached to the drill was the most flexible, but didn’t have much bite. It was better for smoothing the rough painted areas and getting into the curved sections than for taking off the layers. The black chunky one below the drill had some nice sanding power. The wire brush took off the paint quickly but didn’t cover quite enough area for my liking. I also grabbed a buffer pad and some paper towels to wipe away the build up of powdered rust.

The best bet is to sand down to the metal, trying to remove all traces of rust, probably while wearing a face mask in case there are lead based paints present. After a good long while there is noticeable progress. Then it is time to brush away the rust and throw down some sort of rust-stopper paint. So far I have stuck with Rust-oleum spray paint for all my metal projects but there are alternative products and a variety of colors if you’d like a base color other than black. After all the priming then it’s time for the oils or acrylics and then the real fun begins.

*Follow up* – Shortly after finishing this process I realized it’s also an option to make an inquiry to a car garage to see if they would sandblast it for you or find a way to acquire a sandblaster for yourself through borrowing, renting or buying.  I am going to try this option for the next saw blade I paint. It sounds faster and less dusty.

August 31st, 2012

Chalkfest 2012 – Follow Up

chalkfest follow up
I just had to grab a follow up picture, some weeks later, of the progress that the rain and sun have made our Chalkfest drawing. Something about the temporary nature of the whole ordeal just seems right, especially with the subtle hints of fall fast approaching.

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