Chalkfest 2013 – The Squirrel II

We combined our initial sketches into Photoshop to play around with the idea. This is the game plan that resulted from tinkering.

Beginning Squirrel

Starting out the morning by mapping in the big chunks of color. Some people like to use grids, I think that is an extra, time-consuming step so I choose to avoid it. We eyeball in this house.

Squirrel Progress
A bit of time elapsed from the first picture to here. No time to dilly dally with cameras.

Adult group winner
Bragging rights! All thanks to my lovely partner Carrie Sood and not possible without the efforts of Volume One. For more pictures check out my facebook page. For more info about the event check out Volume One! Also, feel free to check out last year’s epic squirrel saga.

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  1. Brian says:

    A well deserved honor and recognition….Congratulations on being the adult “Chalk Master” of Eau Claire in 2013…. Brian

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