Elementally Elementary

It's Elementary.
Playing with vellum and thin layers of acrylics to see if I can rustle some translucency out of the finished set of images. I placed three animals in each panel in permanent marker because I can’t cover up the lines with paint unless it’s crazy thick. I am stuck with my composition and my challenge for myself is to try and get more abstract and interesting from there with color and texture, further enhancing the respective “element” of each panel – air, fire, earth and water. Tentative completion date is to be determined.

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2 Responses to “Elementally Elementary”

  1. Archavik says:

    asallah151192 : Hi, I tried that technique becsaue it seemed easy and all, but when i first tried it it gave me a full canva of the same blue…my second attempt with a lighter blue started to get lighter only at the far bottom of my canva (and thats not where my sky is suppose to be ;)) I’ve wet my canva and putted gesso on it both times. Please help me, i’m new to acrylic and it would really help me if i could make sky that easy

    • admin says:

      I was using vellum instead of canvas, which almost like a thick tracing paper – and no gesso. I started with light washes — some color of acrylic with a lot of water in it — to do some of the colors initially. Then I begin working with less water and add more white to lighten things. It’s helpful for me to let the wet washes dry before trying to add more paint. In your case, with canvas, you could try wetting down the entire canvas with a thin layer of water so it will be easier to blend and then try doing something like this to blend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYbnOKA6TRM&list=UUkeSxwMmON04vvmRpXSiAOQ&index=90 . It’s not exactly the same, but it’s another way to go.

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