March 23rd, 2013

Screaming Goats

screaming goat
A little quickie of my new hero (google ‘screaming goats’ before it turns into a sex thing and you will be happy you did). I am pretty sure he(she) had an eye poked out… if not, I make no apologies. It adds character.

March 13th, 2013

Paint Graveyard

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Another experiment with my paint hording. Unlike the last attempt to use dried paint, this experiment is more open to interpretation. I am a firm believer in finding patterns and answers in chaos. These mini paint landsculptures are full of wandering epiphanies if you are prone to daydreaming, staring blankly, free-associating or brainstorming.

March 7th, 2013

Search and Research

starting point
The starting point of a project due for the end of this month. All the fun in-between bits and final glorious illustration will be revealed, soon!

March 1st, 2013

Regal Legal Beagles

These are some beagles on a milk can, step by step. In my last tweaks I will have to scale back the vibrancy of the color just a touch and work the feet and faces, but this is where the internet gets to see it.
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February 21st, 2013

It’s not me, it’s you.

redo painting
So, I just got into a fight with my painting and erased his head. It was, in no way, working out between us. We’ll see what happens next time around.

February 14th, 2013

Hopeless Horn Bird

hopeless horn bird
This one started out on canvas – acrylic – small 9″ x 12″ canvas, but I needed to add more details and the canvas was too rough for me to dig into. I will either need to start playing around on a smoother paper or wood surface in the future, or continue to let Photoshop serve as a detail magnifier. As much as I sincerely love dirtying my hands and entire wardrobe with caustic paints, digital painting is wonderful because it lets me Dodge and Burn the image without impatiently muddying the entire painting. Ctrl+z is only valid for tactile paintings if the media is still wet or you don’t mind a little sandpaper. The only fault I can find with digital painting is that it doesn’t drip and randomly spread, but I am sure there is an action or a filter for that. And I always have sketches to fall back on for messing up my hands with graphite.
As far as the image is concerned, it is an attempt at something hopeless and static. Sometimes the winter gets to your brain like that. Manic happy is soon to follow.

February 8th, 2013


Exemplify Follow Up
Follow up! I am guessing the giants are a council of ancients. It’s looking a bit oceanic, so little man-dude is most likely bringing some sort of sea-related knowledge to the table, maybe a recipe or what he has learned throughout his life-passage.

February 7th, 2013

Oppa Rorschach Style

wet canvas drips
Another start of a to-be-determined painting. I have a few different tricks for conceiving an image, but I’m partial to starting out wet-on-wet and letting the color flow like a controlled burn. Spray bottle, lots of watery paint, drips, branching and blurring. Everything stays fairly open to interpretation and the soft edges allow for easier shaping of whatever jumps out of the newly created, asymmetrical Rorschach. I don’t even think I like the colors yet, and I could end up only leaving a small portion of this in the final image. We’ll see!

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February 2nd, 2013


rabbit hybrid highbrow
Keepin’ my hands busy on a little 8″ x 10″ panel.

January 27th, 2013

Puppy Post

Puppy Milk Can
Some significant progress today on one of the milk cans I received during a time when the weather was warm and the bugs were thick. The process starts with some lines, chunks of color, and details keep piling on and on. Probably a few more tweaks to go – some highlights, shadows and what have you – but it’s postable!

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