Pirate Painting? Promptly!

Pirate Party
I must confess, whenever I say “ARClark Art” I say it with pirate inflection on the ‘AR’s’. It’s why I chose to stick with it as my name versus an alternative hybrid mash-up of syllables. This image is not 100 percent finessed,  I plan to work with it digitally now that it’s scanned in and offer a before and after. Yar.

Now phase one of the digital attack has begun. Laying in base shapes in Illustrator working from the background sky to the middle ground containing the ship and focusing on the squid last. Personally I’m discovering a lot of frustration when using gradients, it’s not as intuitive as my Photoshop experience leads me to believe it should be. I am using the pencil tool to construct shapes rather than the pen tool, it just seems to go faster. Details will develop on the next round.

And some more details — still trying to figure out what works best for refinement.
paddling pirate

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